Quirky design for a high-end seaside fish restaurant


Situated in an old Manx boat shed, next to a traditional fishing harbour… Through our design concept, we have embraced all that it means to be "Manx" (a native of the Isle of Man). A true Manx-concept restaurant has not been created, nor franchised, until now. Based around a local fisherman character, this restaurant celebrates the best of our Island’s traditions, heritage and self-deprecating nature. Irony, tongue-in-cheek humour and a quiet, proud modesty is at the heart of this aesthetic. Fresh seafood, served by the sea, executed well, brings cohesion and integrity to the overall design scheme. At the apex of the double-height, raftered roof, shines an electric blue neon sign with the phrase 'Alright Fella?'. Cleanly framed, stylised graphic art prints around the interior offer colloquial phrases such as ‘Blowin’ a hoolie’, ‘What’s the skeet fella?’ and ‘There’s a boat in the mornin’. A colour palette reminiscent of the ocean (e.g. blues, greens, turquoises, whites and greys) and ombré spray-painted walls sit within a rustic mix of materials and textures such as wood, tiles, velvet, leather, wicker, hessian and metals (copper, chrome and brass). It is the down-to-earth nature of the materials that compounds the successful marriage of the theme with the interior. The materials chosen say that we are proud yet humble, classic yet unpretentious. This is a robust design that speaks of calmness, familiarity and self-assurance, yet never takes itself too seriously. A comfortable, warm and charming space. A fresh and exciting concept for a unique location.

Entire concept & theme created by Rehab Squared for the client.